Institutional Trading

A typical retail trading portfolio consists of stocks, bonds, futures and options. With IEC International, retail trading has never been simpler.

At IEC we offer our clients access to every global market, meaning there are many more opportunities to be had than typically found with local broker. Typically when you create a retail trading portfolio, it will consist of round lots of shares, (100,200 ETC.) but the major benefit of retail trading is that you are rarely limited to the amount of shares you can trade at a time.

Unlike institutional trading, a retail trading portfolio consists mainly of small to mid-cap stocks, this enables us to work together on the lower price points. This allows you to spread out your capital across many different companies and, although it can increase your exposure, it has the opportunity to be a lot more profitable.

When it comes to investments, we believe in quality over quantity and no matter what your initial investment capital is, you deserve and receive the same respect and the same professional approach as the next investor. We focus on giving you the opportunities that will benefit you at the best time for you. In addition, we offer you access to the most in-depth research into your investment and portfolio plan.

With our years of experience, and the combination of our expert brokers, backed by award winning research and analysis, we give our clients a truly great experience in the markets. We are focused on delivering you to your financial goal, whether it be for a college fund, family security, or estate planning, we will work closely with you to achieve what you want in a time that is suitable to you.

We believe there is no set plan to investing, which is why we take a very personal approach to your portfolio, that way we can offer you what you are comfortable with, and what you need.