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IEC International consistently delivers a personal service and prioritizes your financial success both now and on an ongoing basis. We constantly monitor your portfolio, and adjust our strategies if they are not working the way you would like them to, When your financial objectives change then your portfolio will change with you. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with each of our clients, and depending on your financial goals, we recommend that you check in with us on a regular basis.

2. Access to more than a broker

When working with IEC International you will have access to more than just your personal portfolio manager, you will have access to a large network of researchers, analysts, and support staff who all share one common goal… the success of your portfolio. This will allow our team to share ideas, expertise, and experience in the markets enabling your portfolio to have more attention and our service to remain the high standard that is required. Conducting our business this way has allowed us to create a exceptional client service team, who are available to you when you need it. With more than just a broker overlooking your portfolio, you will be safe in the knowledge that you portfolio is constantly monitored and updated to maximize your returns.

3. TAILORED expertise FOR YOU.

IEC International shows each of their clients heavily researched and highly qualified financial management expertise. Using every tool at our disposal we bring each of our clients relevant investment information and opportunities that can directly benefit themselves, and their portfolios. With your financial goal being our goal, we give you every necessary piece of advise to reach that goal and then set a new one.


When working with IEC International we know that dealing with your finances yourself can be intrusive and a hassle. We work closely with you to create a strategy that works well with your personal life, allowing you to concentrate on the more important things in life, like your job or your family. We will figure out a step by step plan that will enable us to keep you updated regarding your investments and the changes to your portfolio. Being an internationally serving brokerage we deal with clients from many different geographic s, meaning we offer round the clock support for each client.

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